Mirror Selfie Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo

In the world of social media, different photo angles and reflections can mean different things. And while mirror selfies may have started as flash-heavy self-portraits snapped in front of the bathroom mirror, they’ve taken on a whole new definition in the year 2021. Today, mirror selfies are photos taken with your front-facing camera’s “mirror” setting turned on.

Find the Perfect Mirror Selfie Poses

The best hack we have to offer for cute mirror selfies is to work on your poses. Hunching over and growling at the camera can be cute if you’re going as a vampire for Halloween. Otherwise, put your best foot forward (maybe literally) to master the aesthetic mirror selfie.

Keep a Clean Background For Your Mirror Selfie

Whether you’re taking the photo in the bathroom or in your bedroom, make sure your background is clutter-free and doesn’t distract from the subject (you). No one wants to see your dirty bathroom or pile of unwashed clothes in your mirror selfie.

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