Managing Relationships in the Era of Pandemic

At the best of times, managing relationships (whether it is with a partner, kids, family, friends, colleagues or managers) is a difficult and demanding process. After all, understanding and dealing with people’s emotions during the ups and downs of life has to be one of the hardest things to master. Adding this fear and anxiety of Covid-19 to the already existing complex equation and measures the government put in place to reduce the virus, we definitely have a recipe for disaster and ticking time bomb.

Go Outside Together

Walking outdoors together can be a powerful way to reduce stress.

Couples who are more sedentary can start a healthy habit, such as a regular walks outdoors together during this time.

Here are a few tips to help cope with a relationship under strain:

  • Look after your own health; strong foundations can weather the storm: regular exercise, time outdoors in nature, meditation, journaling and nutrition, all play their part.
  • Check-in with your partner (fostering good communication): Every Sunday, schedule a time to sit down and be open about each other’s hopes, fears and expectations for the week ahead. Or each evening, ask each other: How was your day? How have you been coping? What do you need support with?
  • Intentional time apart and together. If both working from home, carve out your own times/spaces for work. Schedule date nights. Cook together, find activities to connect. Take shifts with the kids to offer alone time for the other.

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