Common Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all had the experience of thinking our outfit looks amazing, only to look back at photos and realize it was more of a fashion disaster. This week, we’re going to talk about the most common fashion mistakes and how you can avoid them. Check out our style suggestions below to take your ensembles to a whole new level!

Wear what you like.

The categories “menswear” and “womenswear” shouldn’t dictate how you shop. Take time to play with colors and shapes to find what looks great on your unique body.

Look for timeless pieces.

If you shop for things just because they’re trendy, you’ll end up with a closet full of fast-fashion clothes you never wear.

Interpret trends to fit your own style and body type! Think creatively, and you’re sure to be able to find ways to wear the current trends that flatter your sense of style. Additionally, don’t feel pressured to keep up with every single trend! You can be fashionable without wearing whatever celebrities have decided is trendy that week.

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