A colorful psychedelic alien arrives to an ancient settlement and fascinate them with his delightful movements and extravagant colors. Beyond his naïve look and majestic movement his intentions are as ambiguous as the concept of the “manifest destiny” in the American West.

A Music Video For Alagoas

Written and directed by DVEIN
Produced by DVEIN in association with BlinkInk and Stink France


Production Marga Sardà Badia
Cinematography Miquel Prohens
Art Direction Anna Colomer
Editor María Antón
Postproduction Trizz Studio and Lanczos
Costume Designer Renée Jablonski
Hair & Make Up Núria Céspedes
Casting Belén Palos

Main Cast

Keops Guerrero, Syrah Heinze, Claudio Rojas.

And many, many more that we are thankful for helping in this project.

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