Easy DIY Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Chores are never going to make you jump for joy. But there are ways you can make everyday cleaning and maintenance less of a pain—you just need to find the right hacks. From simple household items that double as top-notch cleaning supplies to the easiest way you’ll ever get wrinkles out of a shirt, here are eight life hacks to make household chores easier.

Invest in Healthy Food

If you don’t already, try growing some of your food. And build a garden box or planter. Also, plan your meals for the week before you do your grocery shopping to cut down on food waste. When possible, get everyone in the family involved in lagom and meal preparation.

Microwave Cleaner

It’s easy to clean baked-on food and spills from your microwave Here’s how: Partially fill a measuring or coffee cup with water and add a slice of lemon. Boil the water for a minute, and then leave the door closed and let the steam loosen the mess. After 10 minutes, open the door and wipe away the grime.

This month, we’re asking you to toss out everything you thought you knew about spring cleaning and give every corner of your life a refresh. The inspiration for a happier, clutter-free you is right this way.

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